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Microsoft Windows 11 Simplified

The most useful and essential Windows 11 tasks.

Front cover of the book Microsoft Windows 11 Simplified

Book Info

  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing
  • Pages: 288
  • Price: US$25
  • Pub. date: May 5, 2022
  • Category: operating systems
  • Tags: beginner, visual, Windows, Windows 11

My book Microsoft Windows 11 Simplified introduces you to Windows 11 with easy-to-follow, step-by-step instructions, where each step is illustrated by a full-color screen shot so you see exactly what happens as you work through each task.

This book covers everything you need to know about Windows 11, including using the new Windows 11 interface; installing and repairing programs; maintaining your system; setting up password-protected accounts; loading images from a digital camera; managing audio and video; securing Internet and email accounts; and much more.

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