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Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra

A visual and easy-to-follow guide to Apple’s latest Mac operating systen, macOS High Sierra.

Front cover of the book Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra

Book Info

  • Publisher: Wiley Publishing
  • Pages: 352
  • Price: US$30
  • Pub. date: November 15, 2017
  • Category: operating systems
  • Tags: Apple, beginner, intermediate, macOS, macOS High Sierra, visual

Teach Yourself VISUALLY macOS High Sierra is designed to give you an easy entry into Apple's latest Mac operating system, macOS High Sierra. If you’re new to Macs, the book takes you through a few basics to help you get started on the right foot and then shows you what you can do with macOS. This includes a tour of the macOS desktop, how to start applications, and how to work with files. You also learn how to use macOS to surf the web, exchange email, make FaceTime video calls, track contacts and events, work with music, photos, and videos, and how to customize, maintain, and troubleshoot macOS.

If you’ve upgraded to macOS High Sierra from an earlier version of macOS or OS X, the book also tells you all about the new features, including custom website settings in Safari, using content blockers, new Photos app tools, iCloud Drive, customizing Siri, and more.

All this is packaged in the familiar style of the popular Teach Yourself VISUALLY series: straightforward, step-by-step instructions with each step illustrated by a full-color screen shot, as well useful notes and tips that help you get the most out of macOS.

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